# T-Shirt Printing

Shirts as low as $12/shirt

Need a custom printed shirt for yourself or your club?
We can make it for you, often for cheaper than CustomInk or other online platforms!
Get your shirts → contact us at [email protected]



Shirts start at $20 for a single shirt, but the price can get as low as $12 per shirt if you order more than one.

How Bulk Pricing Works

For every additional shirt you order between 1 and 13 shirts, we reduce the price per shirt until it reaches $12. For more than 13 shirts, the price per shirt is $12.
Don't want to order every shirt at once? With our pricing model, your first shirts will cost more than the base price, but the ones you order later will cost less than the base price, making everything average out.
See the numbers for yourself below.

See how much you'll pay

Enter number of shirts: → Base Price: $20.00 per shirt, Total Price: $20.00

How much will I pay for the st shirt? → $20.00


Some factors could result in your price being greater than the base price, including but not limited to:

How to order or ask questions

If you are interested in purchasing a shirt for yourself or ordering shirts for your club, you can either: